What are your rates and do you have packages?

Your event is unique and I can help plan your package to customize the services you need. Please use the contact form and let me know any details you have at the moment (event date, ceremony time, guest count, ceremony location, venue) so I can propose a package that works best for you.


How many hours should we book you for?

A full-scale wedding celebration from preparations to the conclusion of the reception will require a minimum of 8 hours.  Having photographed countless events, I feel qualified to draft your event timeline and it depends on several key factors.  Send me a message on the contact form and I can advise on your event timeline pronto. 

Having 10 hours of coverage will give you additional time for 

  • Hair and makeup preparations (this easily runs over as everyone is having a great time)
  • Travel time between your preparation, ceremony, and venue locations
  • Bride and groom portraits, bridal party, and family formals
  • In-depth coverage of reception formalities such as toasts, formal dances, and seeing family and friends having a great time


Do you have off-peak or special rates for educators, first responders, or in the military?

If your event is between December to February or if your partner or you are teachers, first responders, or active military, please let me know so I can apply the special rates.


What location should I select for my engagement portrait session?

I provide a list of locations in NYC and Long Island that have generated amazing results, new locations are always welcomed especially if it has significance to you.


Do you have cinematography services?

I have worked with some of the best film makers in the industry and are happy to provide any referrals.


What if you fall ill before our event?

I take good care of myself a few days before your event so I have never missed an event. If this is ever going to happen, you'll still have one of my capable associate photographers to cover your event.


How many photographers do you send?

I have covered many full-scale weddings solo with some detailed time planning to make that happen. That said, this depends on the extent of coverage you need. If full-fledged details of décor and photos of every guest are a must, you will need a second photographer while I'm on task to capture the main event.


How far do you travel before we pay for travel fees?

I'm based in Nassau County and will only request transportation coverage for drive times over 2 hours and accommodations when necessary.


How many images do we receive?

A full event gives you between 80-100 images per hour of photography. Any images that are suited as a black & white version are provided in addition to the color one.


Do you retouch the delivered images?
I pride myself in delivering fully retouched images, yes every image is individually looked at! Whenever technically possible, I will remove distracting exit signs or other objects, freshen up dark eye circles, and take care of stains on dresses. You heard me, enjoy yourselves and don't worry about any stains on your dress.


How soon before we get the images?

Images for portrait sessions are delivered within 2 weeks. For weddings, a select 100-120 preview images are delivered a week after your event. The remaining images will be delivered within 4 weeks after your event.


Do you do albums?

I use flush mount and matted albums from Queensberry New Zealand. These archival-grade albums are available through photography studios only and used by top studios internationally. A variety of album sizes are available such as 10x10, 12x12, and 10x14 for your album or as parent's albums. You can order albums before or after your event.


How can I make a booking with you and what payment options are available?

Short events such as portrait sessions can be booked on the website and paid for online. A larger event will require a signed contract and a 50% retainer with the balance on the day of.